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budpup67 a posted Aug 16, 13
Hello, Please make a new account on as we are going to try and move to a compressed website format, we will be keeping up with news and other items from bith servers on there


budpup67 a posted Aug 12, 13
Great news everyone! We have a Teamspeak server! Join us there!

In other news We will also be working on getting over the the new website, I have paid for premium on there, If you would like to help with the site, Help with the group pay option. Please feel free to join us on TS3 as well!

we are expanding

budpup67 a posted Jul 29, 13
Mctowncraft Has just bought a DayZ server. We are going to try it for a month and see if we like it. if i don't then i will simply remove it. please do check us out. the Server name is McTowncraft. the IP is Port 3170

New Time Stamping Format.

budpup67 a posted Jul 28, 13
Just use the clock on the side for times
(edit by king)

If you look at the Digital clock on the website (to the left of this post) it is set in GMT 12+ (my timezone) to make it easier for you guys to know what time im talking about and to make it easier for me

New PMC Posting.

budpup67 a posted Jul 21, 13
Please go to vote for us on PMC so we can make it to the top servers. After voting you should recive a Diamond and some cash on the server. We are also still developing the List for the server Pack. And will be in the "Show More" of this Post because the list is so long. Please Comment Any requests as this will be the ONLY time we will be taking Requests of mods to add In other words. Speak now or forever hold your peace.
king_logan a oh and another mod that would be cool, not sure if its smp compatible though: Finite water
king_logan a oh and if someone can manage to go through the list and find the most recent version of each mod is that would help spee...

New Map

budpup67 a posted Jul 18, 13
Due to an Irreversible world error we had no choice but to restart the map. Images are attached (This ones a Mainland map for those who were upset about the islands.) ALSO, I will be on almost everyday at random times so stay active if you want to hang out with me on the server. I have been working hard to fix all plugin related errors.

(added the read more as the images were messing with the website due to sizing - king)
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